Jul 18, 2023

Follow the longest-running podcast in the Fast Casual sector as it continues to be the darling of the food industry and is destined to redefine what restaurants and food can be for the consumer of the future.


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This is an insiders look at the making of the The Fast Casual Nation Documentary, hosted by Paul Barron and featuring Anthony Pigliacampo, is an in-depth exploration of the fast-casual dining industry. Throughout the film, Barron and Dollarhyde discuss the industry's origins, its growth and evolution over the years, and the key players who helped shape it into what it is today.


A first of its kind, the documentary digs deeper than the series and explores the birth of the Fast Casual Nation segment through exclusive interviews with the industry insiders, who started it all. It will take viewers behind the scenes of the concepts that are changing and influencing modern-day dining. The documentary highlights some of the best and most innovative fast casuals around the country, farmed from four seasons of coverage in the industry. It will answer the questions- what is fast casual? why are consumers and brands alike migrating to this new evolution of service, speed, quality and experience? could this be the segment that replaces the quick-serve option? why digital, social and mobile has had such a big impact on the smaller fast casual startups? And many more, while giving viewers a visual bite of what the segment has to offer.

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