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Get the best research and coverage led by Industry leader Paul Barron, a restaurant industry analyst and the founder of FastCasual.com in the mid 90’s, he is often credited with popularizing the term "fast casual" and helping to define the category.

Barron, who founded FastCasual.com in 1998, helped to popularize the term by using it to describe a growing segment of the restaurant industry that was focused on providing high-quality food and a more upscale dining experience than traditional fast food restaurants. He also used the term to describe the business model of these restaurants, which typically offered limited service and a focus on speed and convenience.

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So much to do in this fantastic industry, and I want to extend my gratitude for the years of support your have given us to allow us to embark on a new mission for Fast Casual Nation.

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Lisa Pepe

Lisa Pepe is a passionate food journalist with a fresh perspective on the intersection of food and community.